Select the Correct Model Device

The new Radon Management Cloud Desktop application and cloud service is backwards compatible to work with legacy RadStar RS300 and RS800 devices as well as the Sun Nuclear 1027 continuous radon monitor.  You can create tests and download monitor data using the Desktop version of the software, which will upload the test details to your account in the web application.  All tests uploaded to the Radon Management Cloud web server will show in your online Dashboard and will have all the same features as the RadStar Alpha Series in terms of Report and Email customization and delivery.

NOTE: The RS300, RS800 and SN1027 do not use Bluetooth and cannot be used with the Radon Management Cloud mobile app.

To use the Radon Management Cloud Desktop application with a legacy device, you must first choose which model device you are using.  After successful login to the Radon Management Cloud Desktop application, you will be on the List of Devices screen.  On this screen, select the model continuous radon monitor that you are going to be using.  It is critical that you select the correct model from the list – SunNuclear SN1027, RadStar RS300 or RadStar RS800.

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