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Feature Grid

Alpha Series Device Features

Feature α310 α516 α830
Sensitivity (cph) 10 16 28
Radon Detection w/Chamber technology
Barometric Pressure  
Report in pCi/L and Bq/m3
Radon Management Cloud
Mobile app via Bluetooth
Desktop app via USB
Color Green Red Blue
Available for Purchase
Available in Rental Program    
Includes Tripod    
Includes Case    
Automated Reporting Based on Radon Results Tools
Access to ALL historical test data for their Company through the website
Can be used with RS300, RS800 and Sun Nuclear 1027
Online support at radstaralpha.com
Phone support at 800-767-3703, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Eastern time, Monday-Friday
Mobile application for iOS and Android phones and tablets using Bluetooth
PC Software application using USB cable
Access to online data including web portal, storage and ‘cloud’ data backup
Access to software upgrades/improvements in the future
Ability to view test data during test
Manage multiple users/testers within your Company though website portal
View Test Results in pCi/L or Bq3/m
Automated QC Report
No Expiration Date
3 Customizable Test Results Report Templates and Email templates