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Radon Management Cloud Screenshots

The screenshots below demonstrate some of the interfaces available on the Radon Management Cloud. Click on the screenshot below to see a larger image.

Customize Radon Report Templates

  • Standardize Report Templates for Your Organization
  • Report by Radon Result
  • Customize Content for Cover Letter and Reports
  • Append PDFs to end of Official Report
  • Automated QC Report Template
  • Set Chart Reference Line

Customize Email Notifications

  • Customize Email Content
  • Email Content Based on Radon Result
  • Attach Marketing Materials to Office Report Emails
  • Email Customers Their Report Before Leaving the Home

Manage Radon Tests

  • Manage All Tests Performed by Your Company in One Place
  • Search and Filter Test Results
  • Download Filtered Tests for State Reporting, QC, etc.

User Management

  • Create and Manage Users within your Company Account
  • 2 Types of Users for Your Company – Admin and Tester

Test Details

  • View Test Details
  • Manage Test Details from Central Office through Cloud Service
  • Select Report Template
  • Export Test Results in various formats

Mobile Screenshots

Mobile application is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android phone and tablets.  Mobile application is compatible with all 3 RadStar Alpha Series models.

Mobile App Main Navigation

  • Mobile application allows you to manage all of your Profile information from the Radon Management Cloud
  • Mobile-friendly Help and Support

Current Device Status

  • Download Incomplete Data to see the status of tests in progress
  • Start and End Tests using your mobile device
  • Edit Test Details with 2-way Sync with Radon Management Cloud

Test Results and Details

  • Preview all Test Readings on your Mobile Device before Sending Official Report
  • Automatically Chart Results
  • View and Edit All Test Details from Mobile Device

Report View and Email

  • Download and Review Official Report on Mobile Device
  • Email Official Report from Mobile Device
  • Choose from any of the Pre-Defined Report Templates that you have Customized in your Radon Management Cloud Account

Completed Tests

  • Store up to 5 tests at a time on the RadStar Alpha Series Monitor
  • Review, Sync and Delete Tests from Hardware when Ready