Report Management

To access Report Management, navigate to Settings \ Report Management after logging into the Radon Management Cloud.  Report Management is only available to Company Admins and is where you will customize your radon reporting templates for your Company.

Default Email/Report Options

The Default Report Layout dropdown contains a list of the report templates available for your company to use.  Select the report template that you would like to bed the Default template for your Company.  When any user in your Company generates an official radon report, the template you choose here will show as the default template.  The users can change to a different template by selecting the alternative template at the time of radon report generation.

Radon Report and Email Content

The content of your official radon reports and emails to customers can be handled in two ways:

  1. Standard Template – if you choose this option, all reports will be sent using the same content in the radon report and email regardless of the result of the radon test.
  2. Template Based on Result – if you choose this option, you have the ability to customize both the content of the official radon report and the email automatically based on the radon result for that test. With this option, the system identifies the radon result for each test and compares it to the Result Ranges that you have set for your company.  The content sent to customers in the email and official radon report will match the appropriate Result Range of High, Borderline or Low.

Change Result Ranges

You can see the currently set result ranges in the table underneath the Standard Template and Template Based on Result radio buttons.  You can modify the Result Ranges by selecting the Change Result Ranges button.  This will bring up a dialog that allows you to change the Result Ranges by dragging and dropping the circles on the ends of the ranges.  After setting the desired ranges, click Save Changes.  This will set the Result Ranges for your Company.

Editing Radon Report Templates

Each Company has the ability to customize the content of four report template layouts which can be used for all users within your Company.  The four layouts include:

  1. Detailed Report with Cover Letter
  2. Detailed Report without Cover Letter
  3. Summary Report / Simple Report
  4. Quality Control Report

For each layout, you have the ability to set content for each of the four possible results.

If you have selected to use the Standard Template option for your Company, you can set the content by clicking on the Edit button to the right of Standard Template.  This content will be used for all reports for the Company.

If you have selected to use Template Based on Results use the Edit button to the right of each of the respective Result Ranges (High, Moderate, Low) to set the content for each Result.

After selected the Edit button you have the options to customize the editable content areas of the selected report template.  Typing in text in the Cover Letter and/or End of Report textareas will add that content to the official radon report.  You also have the option of uploading a PDF attachment.  If you upload a PDF document in this area, the PDF uploaded will append to the end of the official radon report in the same PDF file.  Make sure to click Save changes after you have entered and/or uploaded your customized content.  The best way to master these customization options is to experiment with it while doing the initial setup of your Company.

Chart Reference Line

The Chart Reference Line feature allows you to put a reference line on the charts generated for the official radon reports.  You can set one reference line on the chart by choosing from the following options:  EPA Action Level (4.0 pCi/L, 148.0 Bq/m3), World Health Organization (WHO) Action Level (2.7 pCi/L, 99.9 Bq/m3), Custom Reference Line or None.  Selecting Custom Reference Line will allow you to set the Line Label and Line Value in the fields provided.  Setting a Chart Reference Line will apply to all Charts and radon reports generated for your Company.

More Info on Report Template Layouts

Quality Control Report

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