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Alpha Series Operations Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see test results while the test is in progress?

Yes, you can Download Incomplete Data using the mobile or desktop app to see the hourly readings at any time. Using this feature will not end the test in progress.

Can I use Bluetooth with the RadStar Alpha Series?

Yes, the RadStar Alpha series models all have Bluetooth (BLE) built in so you can use our mobile app to communicate with the Alpha series. The mobile app is compatible with most iOS and Android devices.

Is there a low battery notification?

There is a battery LED on the RadStar Alpha device that indicates the battery level on the device. There is also a battery meter in both the mobile and desktop apps that show the battery level when connected to the Alpha series.

If battery gets low, can I plug into a wall unit during a test if needed?

Yes, you can plug the RadStar Alpha series into a wall outlet or computer via USB-C cable at any time to charge the battery during testing or when the device is idle.

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