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After installation of the mobile app, you can login using the username (email address) and password that was created for your account in the Radon Management Cloud.

NOTE: You must have an Internet connection to login to the Radon Management Cloud.  If you select “Remember me” prior to logging in, you can then use the mobile application without an Internet connection.  However, you will eventually need an Internet connection to sync your data to the Radon Management Cloud in order to generate official radon reports.

After you successfully login to the app, you will see a screen tip that shows you how to access the Main Menu.  You can access the Main Menu from any screen by dragging your finger from the far left of the screen to the right. 

               NOTE: You can turn off this screen tip by going to the App Settings.

The Main Menu contains the following links:

List of Devices – This link will bring you to the List Device screen where the app is searching for RadStar Alpha devices via Bluetooth.

Current Device – This menu item will only show if you are connected to a RadStar Alpha.  Selecting this link will bring you to the Current Device screen.

My Profile – This menu item brings you to the My Profile screen which is synced with the Radon Management Cloud.  You can modify your profile information on this screen.  Upon saving, any changes made will be updated to the Radon Management Cloud.

Help/Support – This page provides links to the support site and contact information for RadonAway support.

App Settings – The App Settings screen allows you to turn ether the QC Features or Hint Main Menu features on and off for that mobile application installation.

Log Out – Logging out of the app will close all current connections and bring you back to the login screen.

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