Hardware Tests

A “Hardware Test” is when you use the physical buttons on the RadStar to Start and End a test.  Using the Hardware Test buttons, you can start a test with No Delay, 12-hour delay or 24-hour delay.  The benefits of a Hardware Test are that you can start and end the test without having to use the mobile or desktop application.  The negative of using the Hardware buttons is that you lose some of the functionality of the mobile and desktop applications including the Custom Delay and Duration features as well as the initial sync of data to the Radon Management Cloud.  You also lose the ability to attach the test to Test Details including the test address.  This opens the door for potential human error in attaching the wrong data block to the wrong test details.

We recommend that customers use the Mobile or Desktop application to Start their tests, but of course everyone has their own personal preferences and the Hardware buttons are available for those who choose to use them.

Starting a Hardware Test

1. Turn RadStar key to ON position

2. Delay Mode

a. Do not press if you do not want a delay

b. Press once for 12-hour delay.  The RadStar will make 2 audible sounds and purple Delay Mode LED will flash slowly

c. Press a second time for 24-hour delay  The RadStar will make 3 audible sounds and purple Delay Mode LED will flash quickly

3. Press Start Test button

a. RadStar will make audible sound and Status LED will turn to a flashing Orange light

b. Delay Mode LED will flash until Delay period ends

4. Turn RadStar key to Lock position (this will disable the Hardware buttons)

5. Remove key

Ending a Hardware Test

  1. Insert key
  2. Turn key to ON position
  3. Press End Test button
  4. Turn key to OFF position
  5. Remove Key

Downloading Data for Hardware Test

  1. You can download the data from a Hardware Test into either the Mobile or Desktop application
  2. Connect to RadStar
  3. Go to Completed Tests
  4. Select the test you want to download.  At this point you will be able to view the test data.
  5. Select Test Details
  6. Enter the required Test Details (minimal fields are required in order to sync the test to the Radon Management Cloud
  7. Sync to Radon Management Cloud

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