QC Tests


The Radon Management Cloud has some built-in feature to assist you with running duplicate QC tests for your continuous radon monitors.

You can turn on the QC feature for any test managed in the Radon Management Cloud. 

  • In the mobile application, there is a QC radio button at the top of the Edit Test Details screen.  Turning this radio button on will display the duplicate test fields for you to fill in.
  • In the Desktop application, there is a QC tab when entering Test Details.  On the QC tab, turn the radio button on for QC tests and then enter the information for the duplicate test device you are using for that test.
  • On the website, you can also add/modify the duplicate QC test data on the Test Details page.

Once a test has been marked as a QC Test, the system will use that test to generate a QC Report.

QC Report

One of the report templates available to you in the Radon Management Cloud is the QC Report template.  You can run this report for any device in the system. 

To run the QC report:

  1. Select a radon test that was performed using the CRM for which you want to generate the report.
  2. Select QC from the Report Layout dropdown
  3. Click Export PDF or Download Report (depending on which app you are using)
  4. The system will then atomically search the database for all QC reports that you performed with that CRM and generate the QC report.  These QC tests are identified using the Serial Number of the CRM.

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