Getting Started

Once you have made the wise decision to join the Radon Management Cloud, these are the steps required to get your account setup and start performing radon tests for your company. The following steps 1-4 are the one-time setup if you are a new RadStar Alpha Series or Radon Management Cloud customer.

Step 1: Account Setup
A Spruce customer service representative will create an account for your Company and create an Administrator account for your company’s administrator.

Step 2: User Management
Your Company’s administrator will login to the Radon Management Cloud at to create all users needed for your company.

Step 3: Report Management and Email Templates for Company
Your Company’s administrator will log in to the Radon Management Cloud at and do the one-time initial setup of the company Report Management and Email Templates.

Step 4: Install Mobile and Desktop Applications as Needed
For MOBILE, search for “RadStar” in Apple AppStore or Android Google Play store. Install application named “Radon Management Cloud”.  The mobile app can be used with RadStar Alpha devices only.

For DESKTOP, you can install Desktop App from  The Desktop app can be used with RadStar Alpha devices, RadStar RS300, RS800 and Sun Nuclear 1027 continuous radon monitor.

Now you are ready to start testing!

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