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Monthly Subscription Fee

The purchase or rental of a RadStar Alpha Series radon monitor requires a subscription to the “Radon Management Cloud”. There are 2 subscription levels available, Standard and Enhanced, each with a different set of available features. Rental of the α830 includes an Enhanced Subscription. Both Subscriptions include a Monthly Allowance and per test fee for tests exceeding the allowance. See below for Monthly Allowance details.

Why is there a Radon Management Cloud subscription fee?

There are two reasons for charging a subscription fee for the Radon Management Cloud service.

  1. Hosting Costs: To cover the costs of hosting all your data in the cloud including all your radon test details, company and user information.
  2. Product Updates and Improvements: In order to release new features into the future, we provide a new online tool called ‘Enhancement Suggestions’ through which you are encouraged to provide feedback for future enhancements. Our goal is to identify customer needs and address them by funneling a percentage of subscription revenue into development of product updates and improvements to better serve you, our valued customer.

What is the Difference Between Standard and Enhanced Subscriptions?

Feature Standard Enhanced
Monthly Subscription Fee
(Per Company)
$5 $15
Report Access
90 days No Limit
No Yes
Allows for Use of Legacy Devices
(e.g. RS800, RS300, SN1027)
No Yes

What is the Monthly Allowance and Per Test Fee?

The Monthly Allowance is based on the number of RadStar Alpha radon monitors your company owns or rents. The allowance included in your Subscription is 10 tests per month per monitor. There is a $1 per-test fee for additional tests that exceed the monthly allowance.

For Purchased and Rental Alpha units, your Subscription fee is per Company, so your allowance of 10 tests per monitor is calculated for all Alpha monitors, not by individual monitor. For example, if you own 2 Alpha monitors, your company’s Monthly Allowance is 20 tests (10 tests/ monitor / month x 2 monitors).

If you are running 48-hour tests with your device, it is unlikely that you will exceed your monthly allowance. However, if you are using legacy CRM devices or using the CRM for diagnostic testing, you could exceed your monthly allowance. In these situations, you would pay a per test fee of $1 for each test beyond your monthly allowance. Use the Monthly Fee calculator to estimate your payments.

Monthly Subscription fees will be invoiced at the beginning of each month for the previous month’s usage.

Monthly Subscription Fee Calculator

Use the calculator below to calculate your monthly subscription fee.

  1. Select the Subscription Type you’ve selected (Standard is only available for customers who have Purchased a RadStar Alpha Series Device)
  2. Enter the number of tests your company will run per month (including all devices – RadStar Alpha, RS800, RS300 and SN1027)
  3. Enter the number of Alpha units active in our rental program
  4. Enter the number of Alpha units you have purchased
  5. Click Calculate button