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Purchase Alpha Series RadStar

There are 3 RadStar Alpha Series models available for purchase. The chart below contains Catalog Price for purchasing RadStar Alpha Series Monitors.

Model Part Number Purchase Price
α310 28547 $995.00
α516 28548 $1,395.00
α830 * 28549 $2,995.00

* Purchase price of α830 includes Carrying Case and Tripod.

The purchase of a RadStar Alpha Series monitor comes with a subscription to the “Radon Management Cloud”. There are 2 subscription levels available, each with a different set of available features. Click here for details.

Standard Subscription $5/month *
Enhanced Subscription $15/month

* Standard Subscription free until 9/1/2020 for new RadStar Alpha Series purchases if customer chooses not to enroll in Enhanced Subscription service.

Rental Alpha Series RadStar

Rental Program Includes

  • RadStar α830 monitor
  • Customer Choice of Large or Small Carrying Case
    (case size does not affect monthly rental fee)
  • Tripod for each rental unit
  • Annual calibration / replacement monitor
  • All Enhancement Subscription features included in monthly rental fee
α830 Rental $119./month


Click here for details.

Accessory Part Number Purchase Price
Large Case 28572 $159.00
Small Case 28571 $129.00
Tripod 28553 $29.00
Power Cord Kit 28574 $31.00
Calibration SV012 $150.00
Battery Replacement (Recommended Biennially) 26019 $49.00