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Purchase Alpha Series RadStar

There are 3 RadStar Alpha Series models available for purchase. The chart below contains Catalog Price for purchasing RadStar Alpha Series Monitors.

Model Part Number Purchase Price
α310 28547 $995.00
α516 28548 $1,395.00
α830 * 28549 $2,995.00

* Purchase price of α830 includes Carrying Case and Tripod.

The purchase of a RadStar Alpha Series monitor comes with a subscription to the “Radon Management Cloud”. There are 2 subscription levels available, each with a different set of available features. Click here for details.

Standard Subscription $5/month *
Enhanced Subscription $15/month

* Standard Subscription free until 01/01/21 for new RadStar Alpha Series purchases if customer chooses not to enroll in Enhanced Subscription service.

Rental Alpha Series RadStar

Rental Program Includes

  • RadStar Alpha 830 with replacement service so the calibration date always falls within one year
  • Hard Carry Case (your choice of Large or Small)
  • Tripod
  • Power Cord Kit
  • USB-C to USB-A Data Transfer Cable
  • Enhanced Subscription of Radon Management Cloud with allowance of 10 tests per month/per unit; without any additional fees

There are two options in the rental program. The only difference between the two is the size case that you prefer. All rental units will be shipped in the case and you will be invoiced on a monthly basis.

α830 Rental $119./month


Click here for details.

Accessory Part Number Purchase Price
Large Case 28572 $159.00
Small Case 28571 $129.00
Tripod 28553 $29.00
Power Cord Kit 28574 $31.00
Calibration SV012 $150.00
Battery Replacement (Recommended Biennially) 26019 $49.00